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On this day, June 17th in 1967, John Coltrane died at the of 40 from liver cancer at a hospital on Long Island. His death took many in the musical community by surprise as Coltrane kept his health condition private. Miles Davis said that “Coltrane’s death shocked everyone, took everyone by surprise. I knew he hadn’t looked too good. But I didn’t know he was that sick or even sick at all.” Coltrane’s funeral service was opened by the Albert Ayler Quartet and closed by the Ornette Coleman Quartet.


Here’s a live record, recorded in 1989, by West Coast garage punk legends the Mummies (here as Larry Winthers and his Mummies), released in 1992 on Planet Pimp Records.  This whole single oozes bad attitude, from the digs at record collectors on the cover to the hostile banter between the band and the audience captured on the tracks.  The first song, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, is especially blistering and sinister, while the b-side, Saw Her In A Mustang, is more upbeat. 

This record, maybe more than any other, fueled my obsession with lo-fi garage rock in the early 1990s.  Another life ruined by the Mummies…

Download it here!

(via suicidewatch)


“Lux seemed like a creature from another world, with one foot already out of this dimension. As much as we might wonder, ‘Where are you now?’ we can also wonder, ‘Where on Earth did you come from?’ Now that’s a mystery!” - Poison Ivy